Anonymous asked:
Hello girl with flawless skin....which foundation do you use, if any?

Aw thank you ^_^ My skin is far from being flawless though. The climate here is no good to my skin and hair.
I use a foundation by Israeli brand Careline (:

Anonymous asked:
Have you done military service?

No I have not. I have a deep repulsion towards this system.
I had to go through some crap so that I could be released from the obligation to serve.

Anonymous asked:
Do you like living in Israel?

No. Not really ): I wish I could move somewhere else.
I was born in Belarus.. I still can’t get used to Israel.
I miss Europe.

taking Bring Me The Horizon to the level:poop.

What I learned in life: don’t make any contact with anyone. People will then ask you to do things or worse - talk to you.

What a little poop. It’s like the thousandth time I picked it up after his gravity test games.

I want to escape but I don’t know how.